Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Self is impatient, frustrated and unwilling.
Self is unkind, inattentive, indifferent and unfeeling.
Self is rarely content, or trusting.
Self is arrogant and assuming, inflated with pride.
Self seeks to raise itself above others.
Self is coarse, impolite, abusive, and insulting.
Self lacks grace.
Self demands its own way. 
Self is not pleasant or cheerful.
Self is resentful, moody, easily annoyed and quick tempered.
Self is easily offended. 
Self holds onto injury and trespass, contemplating and brooding over wrongs done to it.
Self flourishes in favoritism, partiality, and negligence.
Self gains satisfaction when others get what they deserve.
Self is apathetic when genuine integrity and truth prevail.
Self is idle and gives up under pressure. 
Self distrusts and regularly questions the motives of others. 
Self readily despairs in trial and opposition.
Self readily surrenders and abandons. 
Self is undependable.
Self is defined by its failures.
Self consumes.

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