Monday, August 2, 2010

God Wants You to Know...Him

I received an email today, one of many that I often receive, that started with "On this day, God wants you to know...".  Most of the time I dismiss these emails.  At best I'll give them a cursory scan but rarely will I delve into them with any enthusiasm.  Why?  Because I've found that most of the people sending me these emails have placed me on an automatic circulation list because I've become to them a "God person".  My regular scriptural quotes and biblical views have painted me in their minds as one who would appreciate their automatic electronic deposits.  These individuals very often also circulate "This day in your horoscope" and "Today your palm says..." type emails.  Since I'm a "bible thumper", I will obviously appreciate the "God wants you to know..." emails. 

Further, I see these efforts as a true longing for truth that each of us has innately within us.  Every one of us was created to seek God's face and yet so many of us choose to seek elsewhere.  If you've subscribed to these types of lists hear me out before getting upset with me.  I also subscribe to scriptural emails that deposit daily in my email account from various ministries.  Sometimes I have time to read them, sometimes I do not.  But I have always viewed these as supplementary reading and encouragement, not my daily dose of God's word.  Very often I get the sense that my emailing friends are sending me what is to them, the only connection to God's Word they may have in a day/week and this saddens me.

Do I sound harsh, sarcastic, even judgmental?  If anything these emails from the above anger me.  Not at the individuals who send them - but at an adversary who has so blinded us.  At a culture where we have made Christianity so comfortable that the lines are so blurred that one could pick and choose their spiritual enlightenment as if at a smorgasbord or a drive-thru.  "Don't have time for real Word study so I'll get in this little nugget" or "I'll have a little Christianity and some cute horoscope/witchcraft with some tossed eastern philosophy and a side of zen - that should satisfy my craving!"  The one who seeks to rend our souls and pull them into eternal torment with himself could not be more pleased with this and a Loving God who cries for us to simply open our eyes and who has given us everything we need to see and walk away from hell sadly shakes his head as we dabble in cute palm readings and "harmless" devils.

I'd like to send one of these emails back to all of my friends to whom I have concern, not as an accusing finger of judgment but as a clarion call.  It would say "Today God DOES want you to know...HIM".  Everything He has ever done has always revolved around relationship with Him.  Creation:  so that we would exist - with him.  Eden:  so that we could walk - with Him.  The cross:  so that we could be redeemed - back to Him.  He's even coming back to get us - to take us, where?  To be with Him!  The whole Bible is about coming to know and walking with Him.  I don't know if there is "extraterrestrial life" in this universe, but even if there is not, I have no trouble with the concept that I serve and love a God whose love for me is so immeasurably vast that he created all of this, just for our wonderment.  Billions of stars burst into song, exploding into life and dying before Him.  All creation testifies to the glory of His Name and His splendor.  And he invites us, daily, to know Him, to walk with Him, to let Him show us the wonders of His love for us.

This isn't done by a daily emailing. Like any love affair, it only happens with time well spent together.

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