Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Post

Wow - I've done it. I've walked through the door to my first blog post. I've heard of blogging, thought it to be something akin to tweet-ing, text-ing, or the more 30-something-friendly "FB-ing", but here I am: entering my first blog. Not really sure where this road of words will take me or the reader. A warning from the outset - I type fast, really really fast. Very often I type faster than I think and only later edit. Almost always I am careful not to offend but the strength of my convictions will quickly become evident and rarely do I curb them.

I've journal-ed for years. In junior high, Mrs. Buntin made us do it in composition class. Like the rest of the early teen-aged boys I moaned, but inwardly I found I truly enjoyed it. I enjoy peeling back the layers, dissecting, examining.  This continued in high school as Mrs. Freeland had us writing about experiences and our surroundings.  At that time, I recall writing of park benches, moonlit nights creating fields of dancing diamonds on dew covered grass and symphonies of chirping crickets.  As an adult I continued this practice, not so much as a "journal" but as daily thoughts on my readings of the Word. I suppose this is then the next progression of this expression; the difference being - this format is exposed. My notebooks filled with thousands of paragraphs at home are at best, reading for someone to go through if ever they seek to put me on the same pedestal as a Galileo, Abraham Lincoln, Machiavelli, or other great and noted figures from World History in which every scrap of writing is examined. I sincerely doubt this will be the fate of those notebooks. But here, well, here I am admittedly nervous. Here is tremendous exposure.

I'll leave it at that. I have no real plan for frequency of posts, topics, or even intended audiences. This may be for an audience of one or a site of encouragement for those engaged in the same struggles I've faced or am facing. Regardless, I'm here and now we'll see where "here" takes me.

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